Spray Finish Painting

Oakleigh specialise in paint spraying commercial and domestic projects.

The spray gun allows a greater productivity with speed and efficiency while delivering a more uniform paint surface and a better finish.

Spray painting is a modern method for painting interior and exterior surfaces.

Paint sprayers apply paint in a mist that leaves an even finish without brush marks or strokes, a more uniform covering of paint is applied compared to using a traditional brush and roller method.

The spray paint gun is versatile because it can be used to paint any type of surface: brick, wood, metal, concrete, aggregate and others. This explains why the spray gun is often more practical than the brush or roller.

A common misconception is that ‘you cannot touch up sprayed paint’.

This is not the case. When the correct product is applied according to the specifications some paints will allow for touch ups as long as the same texture on the surface is achieved with the touch up, the end result should be fairly similar; others will stand out regardless of process of application.

 In layman terms ‘some paints just flash’.

We would have no trouble with assisting you with the finer technical details selecting the correct paint/product to lessen the horrible effect of flashing paint.

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